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I hadn't had the chance to play Minecraft at all on the pc.  I had some friends that are very much into it and it had certainly peeked my desire.  When I saw that it was available on XBLA, I downloaded the trial and took a quick run through it... I was hooked and saw it had local co-op and couldn't resist.  Here is my journey:

Journal Entry 1: Surviving the Night

   I suddenly awoke, in the middle of this vast landscape.  I was surrounded by sand and could see some water up ahead.  The sun was high and bright and my head was still a bit dazed.  A sheer sense of horror overcame me, and quickly subsided when I realized my kids were, conveniently, right in front of me, somewhat confused I'm sure.

   Gathering my bearings, we addressed the situation.  We were in a foreign world, no idea of what to do or where to go, and it was day time.  I figured that night time would be rather difficult with two companions.

"We need to find somewhere to make a shelter and figure out what is going on." I explained to them.

"Okay, dad!" They beamed, idly moving off in different directions quicker than I could keep up.

   This was going to be a bit more difficult than I thought.  Greaneleigh bubbled off over the sand and towards the water, while Broderick was determined to stay close by.  We headed off towards Greaneleigh to get her attention and have her follow as well, to make this simple.  Then, they discovered the joy of breaking things.

   Withn moments, or hours, I lost track of time, they were both off in different places.  I had sought out to find shelter somewhere, and the sun was almost down.  I found a mountain, with some hook like overhang, I figured it would be a good point to see from afar and to get a go view from.  I went out to find the kids and night had begun to fall, that's when all hell broke loose.

"Dad, something's bamming me!" Yelled Broderick.

   I had no idea where they went off to and it was night now, too dark to see anything.  I hadn't heard anything from Greaneleigh, so I assumed the best and geared off to Broderick, or at least where  I thought he might be.  I was too late, he had been overrun by, what appeared to be, a spider.  Within moments, he popped back into existence! ...and was attacked by, what looked like skeletons.  I quickly flung around and started fighting back.  I took one down and picked up some type of crude weapon, maybe a spear or an arrow.  I wasn't much of a match though, and quickly succumbed to the skeleton's fury.  The rest of the night went on like this...

   This same process repeated for the next day and night, although we all were under attack this time.  A new enemy, some type of exploding cactus came around, as well as some zombies.  This lead to a horrific pit in the sand, with some water pouring in and Broderick happened to fall in when it was dark.  He stayed safe for some time, until more skeletons arrived and fell in.  Greaneleigh had fallen and risen repeatedly, while I attempted to fend off the skeletons and save Broderick. 

   I managed to keep him alive, and myself, barely until sunrise.  I started digging down to create a little type of stairway for him to climb out, picking up some interesting things on the way down, like bones and arrows.  Finally, I reached the bottom of the pit and he walked into the water and kept going until he drowned...::sigh::

  Broderick reappeared and Greaneleigh had trailed off.  I was determined to build a shelter, it was imperative at this point.  So I set out to the nearest mountain, the one with the little overhang.  The kids knew how to break things and they set off to do that.  I made quick work of the mountain side, carving a nice little "notch" ;)  into the mountain and reusing some of the dirt and sand to build up the walls.  Before long, night started coming and the kids were nowhere in site.  I finished the walls and left a small entrance and ran to the top of the mountain.

   Peering around didn't give me as good as a view as I had hoped, but it was enough to spot Greaneleigh in a nearby forest.  I set off on my way and quickly located her, Broderick wasn't in site.  There was no time to waste, I lead her back to the house, we could hear the creatures groaning as the night set in.  Within moments, we got in and I patched the hole, we were safe, hopefully.  This was the true test as we sat, huddled in the dark, groaning outside, and Broderick lost somewhere in the land to fend for himself. 

   After a sleepless amount of time, I was daring and popped a hole into the wall to get a glimpse at what time it was.  To my dismay, and satisfaction, there were spiders and creatures right outside the walls, but we were safe still!  Night dragged on and daylight finally came, the creatures dispersing.  I opened the wall and instructed Greanleigh to stay close to the house.  There was a nearby forest where she could harvest some wood.  I made my way to the top of the mountain again.

   Looking around with haste, I spotted him, on another mountain top, across the land.  I quickly moved down the mountain and into his direction.  He was back where we had originally started, so it didn't take me long to find him.  I made my way up the mountain and there he was, obviously scared and alone.

"Dad!" He exclaimed. "I couldn't find you guys, " his eyes swelling slightly," so I climbed up here and waited until the sun came up and I survived!"

   I was certainly proud, my boy managed to stay alive the night, on his own, without any direction.  It was going to be okay.  I lead him back down the mountain and to our new dwelling.  It wasn't big, just enough to fit us all in and move around a bit.  I told him that Greaneleigh was out chopping wood and such and he could join her.  He quickly declined and said he wanted to stay in the house, which I understood.  So, I gave him the task off carving into the mountain more and taking out some of the stones, to give us more space.

   I went out and retrieved some wood and some other random supplies, as I knew we would need to start building some stuff, we were going to be here for awhile.  I came across Greaneleigh, in the forest on my way back... holding a piece of meat in her hand...

"I killed the pig, Dad, and got some meat. " She said bluntly.

   I guided her back to the house, as the sun began to set.  Broderick made some nice headway into the stone and we had ample space to live.  I patched up the wall to seal us in and keep the creatures out.  The night came and we stayed safe, all of us.  We were home and we survived the night.

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