Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 0 - The universe is round!

This is my first post.  I used 0 because I am a programmer and that's just how we roll because 0 IS a number and never gets any love.  Anyway, I would like to open up that I encourage discussion and I am massively addicted to the internet, so I will probably check my comments/posts on a ridiculously frequent basis.

My first topic, and thought process, is something that I twitted (past tense of tweeting?) to @NASA and @NSF, but to not have received any response.  I was reading an article, somewhere, mostly like from Alan Boyle on related to how the universe is expanding at an increasing rate, versus a decreasing rate.  Of course, everyone is confused because the thought is, at a certain point, you should (and by you I mean celestial bodies millions (trillions?) of light years long) should lose momentum and begin to slow down in expansion.  

I thought to myself, at this point, that perhaps the universe, our universe in fact (since the multiverse is all the latest rage nowadays) should be round, well spherical to be precise.  I mean consider it, everything natural has some spherical quality to it, at it's core.  Why shouldn't the universe be spherical too?  If you consider a balloon, inflated of course.  Assume that at the top of the balloon you drip some water onto it.  As the water travels to the edge of the balloon they would move faster, no?  I mean, think of the Earth, while you're on top of it, you never actually know it's round, it always seems flat and perhaps, if applied in a similar manner, I would even make the bold assumption that if you rolled a ball down the road, as it approached the horizon it would appear to be moving faster that it actually is, but that of course is theory.

I'm going to take this a little farther... suppose that the universe maintains it's own gravity, so as these celestial bodies travel "down" the sides of the universe, they reach a special area.  A more massive than super massive black hole.  All the celestial bodies eventual travel to this black hole and when the density becomes so grand (after all the matter in the universe falls inside) it "bursts" back out of the top and restarts the process all over again.

Alright, well there you go, somebody had to solve the mysteries of the universe(s).  That's my thought on this topic for today and now it's time for some sleep.  I would seriously love some feedback from someone that maybe has a little bit more knowledge on the subject.

Good night everyone.

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  1. "I used 0 because I am a programmer and that's just how we roll..." - Awesome!