Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2 - Ignorance is NOT bliss

So let us begin with a wonderfully hot topic: "Global Warming".  This, of course, is a concept you either accept or don't.  However, I would like to add a spin on this.  What really is the harm of following suggestions to prevent Global Warming?  Even if you do not believe, there are some specific truths behind it.

1) Oil is not an eternally sustainable item.  It will eventually run out, this is a truth.  How long that takes, of course depends on the amount in reserve that we are able to access.  But, nonetheless, it is something that will run out.  Therefore, it is very much a good idea to start persuing other options.  Plus, I certainly wouldn't mind not paying $4 a gallon, no?  So I think everyone can agree, it is a good idea to focus some time and effort into persuing alternative fuel sources.

2) Carbon monoxide is...BAD.  The stuff kills.  It kills you and me, it kills plants, and it kills animals.  Now, it may not be as bad as it's made out to be.  But certainly, the stuff is not made of cotton candy.  It is toxic, it can kill, and of course, it's just probably not the best thing to be floating around in the air.  This of course falls in line with point 1.  If we can find a way to stop producing carbon monoxide, but utilizing alternative fuels, that would be good, no?  I don't even really think this one is much of an argument.

3) Supply and demand.  So, we have a planet with about 6-7 billion people on it.  Of course, it is understood, that in order for an individual to survive, they need food and water.  Ok, so no arguments there.  But, this poses a problem, as the population grows, real estate quantities diminish.  Meaning, we have less room for farms and areas to create food.  As population grows, our requirements for clean water increase, which of course means we need more purification plants and better technology.  So in this effect, we have two options, that I can see:
          a) We either invest more money in R&D to create high nutrient food items in small areas.  This, unfortunately, would probably cut into local farm revenues.  Additionally, we would need to create better water purification, either be ocean desalinization or better methods of collecting rain water and such, in poorer countries.
          b) The other option is to move out.  Yes, out to space.  Even option (a) is only a temporary fix.  There is not enough room and resources to provide for the explosive population growth of the human race.  If we moved out onto Mars or even the Moon (as a stepping stone).  We could easily shift people among the different planets to accomade for space.  Perhaps Mars would be excellent for setting up factories to produce the high nutrient foods where Earth's local farms could remain in good revenue with the now available space.

Either way, left and right, are both satisfied by these all the options presented for all the points here.  The left gets research money into space exploration and green technologies.  The right gets to maintain small business success and support for entrepeneurship into new lands and territories. 

Just my thoughts on this whole Global Warming business, I mean it's kind of like the snow storms in the Northeast here.  Everyone goes crazy, runs off to Walmart, buys $9,000 worth of groceries for 10in of snow.  But, in the end, do you really want to be the a$$hole with no food if we do get snowed in for a couple of days?  Of course not, it's always better to be a little overprepared.  Worse case scenario, you have some extra groceries for the week, big deal, certainly beats starving to death due to ignorance.

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