Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 - The Dark Side of Rebellion

Considering the recent protests against #PIPA and #SOPA , one thing has become a concern to me, and that is the shadowy workings of politics.  This is my intent in the term "Dark Side" , cloak and dagger tactics to getting what you want...

Lobbyists serve a purpose in DC and that is simply to get what "they" (as in their business) what "they" want and when "they" want it.  Even though their workings are legally shady, it is no secret how they work.  Through things that would be considered bribery if I did it to a police officer to avoid a ticket, they "convince" politicians to swing into their favor.  Again, this is no real secret to society and has become something of a spectacle recently.  Nonetheless, what concerns me is what happens when lobbying no longer works?

My guess is simple, things get shady.  People will begin sliding in pieces of legislation purposefully worded and purposefully brief to go either unnoticed or with such confusion that nobody would both to pay any mind.  This means that us, on the receiving end of the "rights stripping" have to be ever more vigilant and cautious in paying attention to each and ever thing that is sent through our congress.  So, that is manageable, for now, but the process will become sneakier and shadier over time, naturally.  As we develop technologies to expose truths, "they" will develop ways to conceal intent.  I am concerned that we can keep this up as a loose movement of individuals...

What happens if something goes to a corrupt Supreme court that can make ill decisions upon bribery and sheer will with no regard to the law?  (i.e. Citizens United)  Will these acts simply be forced upon us in the end either way?  Do the protests simply force the "powers at be" to take a more direct means in forcing us to do what they want?  In my opinion, if this is the case this will lead to violent outburts and retaliation because we will simply be unable to do it peacefully..

This is more of a curious opinion and consideration item to see how it plays out...  Also, a bit of warning that the mal-intent portions of #PIPA and #SOPA are far from dead, they are simply being reworked and engineered, and will do so infinitely until they can pass through the cracks of our system...

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